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Skin Cancer Symptoms, detection, prevention, and treatment options.
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Contributing Authors:
Dr. Jason Rivers
Dr. Richard Thomas
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Skin Cancer Guide: What do you know about skin cancer?

Written by North American dermatologists, Skin Cancer Guide reviews:

  • why skin cancer occurs
  • the top six causes of skin cancer
  • how to protect yourself and your family from skin cancer
  • treatment options for various skin cancers, including the deadly melanoma, and much more

Fortunately, many skin cancers are preventable, and are often curable, if detected early. Search Skin Cancer Guide for comprehensive information how skin cancers function, who is at risk, where skin cancer develops, and most importantly, how to recognize and identify them.

This important topic is covered in more detail in the Guide's Skin Cancer FAQ page with Frequently Asked Questions about skin cancer, including statistics and frequency.

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The Skin Care Guide Network of dermatology-related websites was founded by a prestigious group of international dermatologists. It provides comprehensive information for patients and physicians about the skin, its care and various skin conditions and treatments. All content is reviewed by an independent Board of Medical Advisors to ensure that the information is accurate, unbiased and up-to-date. This information is not intended to replace a consultation with your own physician.

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